My job allows me to visit a lot of Alaska on a yearly basis. I wanted to capture the trips in one location!

Galata Tower and Galata Bridge

on February 11, 2013


While in Istanbul we stayed in an apartment over near the Galata Tower.   As we crossed the Galata Bridge the first day and saw the palace, and mosques behind us we were thrilled that we had chosen to stay on this side of the sea. IMG_8879

We decided to take the tour of the tower and watch the sunset over the city from there.  The tower is 220 ft tall, and has 9 floors. When it was built was the tallest structure in Istanbul.  It sits on a hill that is and was the city’s tallest structure when it was built. Because near the top of the hill so really sticks out when looking at the horizon.IMG_8715 IMG_8708 IMG_8707 IMG_8694 IMG_8693 IMG_8690

We thought we’d have to climb stairs to get to the balcony near the top, but there was an elevator that took us to the top.  Simple enough, but once up there, it was crowded, and hard to ‘hold’ a good spot.  Conveniently they let you off on the restaurant floor, though prices of the food were much higher than elsewhere.

The original tower was built in 1348.  By 1717 the tower was used as a place to watch for fires in the city.  Ironically in 1831 a fire damaged much of the tower.  IMG_8684 IMG_2154 IMG_2151 IMG_2155IMG_8682

We only walked up the hill to our place one time after either walking across OR taking the tram across the Galata Bridge.  After we discovered the Tunnel (part of the tram system) we rode that up each day though we’d typically walk down the hill to the tram.  Each ride cost something, so when we could we saved $ by walking.   IMG_8893

The Istanbul subway system is the 2nd oldest subway system in the world, the oldest is London.IMG_8982  The tunnel we rode is one of the oldest links in their systemIMG_9074.  We would exit at the end of Istikal Street, the busy street our apartment was near.  I’d say we walked that 2-4 times daily enjoying the 1000’s of locals (and tourists) that were busy shopping and exploring the area.

The Galata Tower area is certainly worth exploring and the Galata Bridge is full of energy and liveliness from sun up to sun down.  The fishermen line the bridge day and night and we were shocked by the size of the fish most men were catching, they were TINY. IMG_8722IMG_8728 IMG_8727  IMG_8725IMG_8726IMG_8729 IMG_8724

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