My job allows me to visit a lot of Alaska on a yearly basis. I wanted to capture the trips in one location!

An overview of our 9+ days, (10 nights) in Istanbul, Turkey

on February 11, 2013

Day 1; Dec.25

  • LandedIMG_8624
  • Had to pay 15 Euro each for visa
  • Driver was late but eventually arrived and drove us to apt. on the Anatolian side, near Galata Tower
    IMG_8721 Galata Tower
  • Took 45 minutes b/c it was rush hour, sure glad we were not in a cab.
  • Explored local street, Istikal Street, for dinner

Day 2: Dec.26

  • Got cash out of ATM
  • Bought card for public transportation for 6 TL
  • Added 20 TL to it for rides, we could both use one card (added  80 TL more over time, for total of 100 TL or $60 for 10 days, or $30 per person for the 10 days, not bad)
  • Took tram over to the European Side where the Blue Mosque and Aya Sophia are located.
  • Walked to Bazar
  • Back to our side of the by crossing over the Galata bridge.
    IMG_8722 100’s of fishermen daily on the Galata Bridge!
  • Toured Galata Tower 12 TL piece and stayed til sunset, great viewIMG_8694

Day 3  Dec. 27

Day 4  Dec. 28

Day 5  Dec. 29

Day 6  Dec. 30

Day 7  Dec. 31

  • Toured Topkapi Palace 25 TL per person and NO map, really???IMG_2137IMG_9111
  • After tour walked to AqueductIMG_2448 IMG_2447
  • Got scammed by a shoe shine guy.
    IMG_9151 this guy dropped his brush so we thought we were helping by returning it and instead we got scammed and had to pay for a shoe shine!
  • After this walked to tram and took it home
  • Since it was NY Eve we ate in a restaurant not street food, quite yummy
  • Took nap and headed out for NY Eve about 11:15
  • Taksim Square had well over 100,000 people but quite mellow.
    IMG_2459 Happy New Year. A mellow celebration with 100,000 others!

Day 8 Jan 1

Day 9 Jan 2

Day 10 Jan 3

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