My job allows me to visit a lot of Alaska on a yearly basis. I wanted to capture the trips in one location!

World Ice Art Championship; Fairbanks, Alaska

Fairbanks March 7/8/9, 2015

(Delta Greely, March 6/7 & Nenana March 9/10)

Two districts, within 100 miles of Fairbanks invited me to work with their boards on either side of the weekend. I was excited about some down time in Fairbanks to explore the Ice Art event, which I have never been able to view before.   The Ice Art Park did not let me down, as I visited it in the daylight and returned later to visit it after dark with lights shining on the pieces.        IMG_4652 IMG_4648

I quickly learned there were several aspects to the park.

  1. the single block pieces
  2. the multi-block pieces
    1. these both are part of the competition and fall into 2 categories, Abstract and Realistic
  3. the common areas with a stage, train and many other fun pieces of ice
  4. the slides and park like pieces including a maze
    1. these are not part of the judging.

Single block pieces


this is the size of a single piece of ice before the carving starts

There were 36 pieces that were carved by 1 or 2 member teams over a 60 hour time frame. Each team is given the same sized block of ice that is 5’x8’x3’. Most teams work long hours without breaks to complete their works of art in time. The artists use tools to cut, saw, chiseled the ice AS WELL AS blow driers and heaters to attach pieces of ice together. It is hard to imagine that a 8’ tall piece of ice can turn into something over 25’ tall.


one of my favorite single blocks; H2O, the drop of water coming out of the spout was stunning


this was a dream so intricate and can’t imagine how much time it took with all the details. It is a dreamcatcher themed piece.


The Dawn of Luna


One of my top pics, Fire and Ice, the snow flake on one side and the flames on the other, This was beautiful in person.


night time of Fire and Ice

Multi-block pieces


the screens help keep the sunlight off the pieces

There were 17 pieces entered in the competition this year and were created by teams of 2-4 members. These teams start on Saturday morning and end on Thursday morning for a total of 132 hours to create the designs. Each team works with 10 blocks of ice that are 4’x6’x3’, and it amazes me what they are able to do with these chunks of ice.   There are large sheets hanging in between these pieces to keep the sun from melting them.

Cash prizes are given out to the top 10 of each category selected by a panel of judges. There is also a People’s choice award, a fellow artists award and a volunteer’s award.

Fairbanks and the ICE Park has hosted this the BP World Ice Art Championships event for 25 years. It used to be a one week event and now it is over a month long attracting artists from all over the world.

It was $15 to enter and well worth the price.




this was a fun one, a bunch of super hero’s trying to capture the Joker!


Might be hard to see at first but it is 2 bears fishing in a waterfall. The one on top of the falls is looking down at the one below. See the fish on the ‘splashes’ of water at the base?


inspired by Native artwork


Asian influence


Mendenhall Glacier Ice Caves (and some Northern Lights)

March 1, 2014

Almost every Feb. or March Juneau has a cold snap where Mendenhall Lake freezes enough that individuals can get out on the lake to cross country ski, or hike etc.  Typically during that time it is also quite sunny and the rain or snow subsides for a few weeks.

These explorations around Mendenhall Glacier are typically astounding, and the photos that come out of the visits make our Christmas Card each year, it is truly part of what makes Juneau such an incredible place to live, these things are in our back yard.

This year the glacial caves are getting a lot of attention from National news outlets but here are a few of my photos from the weekend of March 1 and 2, 2014.  I went on my own Sat. but did not enter the caves.  I made Harry get up early with me on Sunday and get out there when 1) there were not many people there at all and 2) I felt a little more safe with it being colder in the morning.  There is danger doing this but it was worth the risk!

The few Northern Light pictures are NOT taken by me, rather a friend of a friend.  Thought you may enjoy seeing them!


out near the face of glacier


harry inside the cave, yes, real colors, not altered at all


me enjoying being silly


over my right shoulder is a ice column in the cave, facinating


just outside the cave with the peaks above my head being higher up on glacier.


harry at the face being silly himself


while in the cave we are looking up out of these holes…


this ice cave I would not venture into, there were sounds coming out of it and that triangular piece above Harry’s left arm looks to scary to me.


I hiked out to face on Sat. by myself, but did not venture into the caves


just as you enter the cave


that ice column that is in the middle of the cave, not quite sure how it formed, possibly a water drip that grew???


the natural heart cut out I found hiking around the face of glacier


out near face so much BLUE


not touched up at all, the colors were simply incredible, almost looks fake doesn’t it?

Dylans house aurora 1

during this same time period we also get great Northern Lights. I did NOT take this photo rather it was taken by David Reed, a friend of a friend of a friend.

North Douglas

again by David Reed, this is taken out on North Douglas. the lights along the bottom are car lights. the light over the hilltop to the right is near our home!