My job allows me to visit a lot of Alaska on a yearly basis. I wanted to capture the trips in one location!

Opps, no luggage and it’s -22 in Dillingham!

on January 30, 2012

I left Juneau on a beautiful sunny day, and got to Dillingham by 6:30 pm and there was still some of the sunset glow in the sky. However, somehow Pen Air (the main airline that flies in/out of here though in the summer Alaska Air does) managed to forget my luggage in Anchorage ūüė¶ and it has all my training materials in it… AND it is -22 degrees with some strong wins coming off the ocean.

Kim, the Board President picked me up and dropped me at my hotel.  I stayed at the Thai Inn, the only person in the entire building, so not the same experience I had up north, it was quiet and just me.  The Inn is now being leased by a couple from AZ, Pablo and Ceanna,  and they serve Mexican food on Sat/Sunday, though not until after I left!

Just over 2300 people live in Dillingham and it has 2 school district offices here, of course Dillingham and then Southwest School District. SWSD is composed of many of the villages that consider Dillingham its hub community.  This is yet another community in Alaska that you can only fly or boat into as there are no roads that connect Dillingham to other parts of Alaska.

Dillingham is known for its commercial fishing of salmon.¬† It is one of the sustainable wild¬† salmon fisheries left in the world.¬†Dillingham, in terms of population, is the largest community in the Bristol Bay region and a lot of people commercial fish.¬† I also learned that the largest state park in the US is in this area… Wood-Tikchik State Park.

After our workshop, I was dropped at airport around 3:00 for my 6:40 flight, and please note that the airport is not much more than a small tin building with a few chairs inside.  There was plane on the ground headed to ANC but they would not let me on because they had given ANC the count already, I was certainly not happy.  In the end, my flight was a bit delayed, but I did get out by 7 and was in ANC by 8:30.  Spent a lovely night in ANC and landed in Juneau around 1 p.m. on Sunday though the landing was questionable b/c it was snowing so badly.

Thanks Harry for keeping up on the snow at home.  I am home til Tuesday when I leave for Tok and Delta Greely!

4 responses to “Opps, no luggage and it’s -22 in Dillingham!

  1. karen whorton says:

    what an adventure! why the milk picture?


  2. Tom Milan says:

    These accounts of your travels are great, Timi! I see that you are going to Tok. You may or may not know that another Almont native, John Bristol, and his family live there. He is my sister, Joan’s, son. He and his wife have two sons who are well in to their teens.


  3. farmerjill says:

    The landing was “questionable”?! Eek. Never a boring moment, eh? Thanks for reminding me that you were blogging now!!


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