My job allows me to visit a lot of Alaska on a yearly basis. I wanted to capture the trips in one location!

Cordova, Alaska during Snowpocyolypse 2012

I had planned a trip to Cordova, Alaska for work purposes back in Oct. Little did any of us know that it would be under emergency status due to snow fall, today it was over 18 feet and make national news while I was there.  I was very lucky to get into Cordova on Monday, which ended up being a beautiful blue skied, full of sunshine day.  It allowed me to really see how much snow the town had gotten.  There was the avalanche that had come down and blocked the main access road into town.  I did lead the workshop on Mon. afternoon until early evening, then again on Tues.  However, Tuesday was a totally different day, full of snow, wind, and a less visibility.  I was worried I might not get out of town, however at 4 we headed to the airport and was told the plane was flying.  Once at the airport, they indicated that as soon as the plane left, the road to town would once again be closed b/c of concerns with visibility  I was lucky to get out as  there was a storm rolling in and it was coming FAST, another hour or 2 and I doubt I would have gotten home. We overflew the stop in Yakutat due to white out conditions and landed in Juneau and hour early.

UPDATE: on 2/1 I got a message from Jeannie the Superintendents Administrative Assistant with the picture of the 2 of them being taken to the roof top on a lift.  She was very excited to share the shot!  They were removing snow from the overhangs on the Elementary School.  Fun times!