My job allows me to visit a lot of Alaska on a yearly basis. I wanted to capture the trips in one location!

Landing in Cambodia

on January 6, 2020


My best birthday present was leaving HCMC and arriving in Seim Reap Cambodia. This is where I was meant to spend some quality time. Our tuk tuk driver was there to get us at the airport. But first we had to get our Cambodian Visa’s. You DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT need to have a photo for this visa. We simply paid $30/per person and had it in about 5 minutes.

Our driver was so sweet he took us a bit out of the way so we could get a picture of the sunset, which was beautiful. Then he got us to our hotel which was just a sweet place. Old teak wood everywhere, a pool and the nicest people!IMG_3475.jpg

When we asked about getting a driver to take us to Ankgor Wat the next day, he said, how about your tuk tuk driver? We were thrilled. For $16 we hired him to take us for the entire day!

Onward that evening we walked into town (1/2 mile ish) to what is now called Pub Street. This street is 1000% geared towards tourists. We did NOT want to spend much time there, so we ventured 1-2 streets off of that street and enjoyed a fabulous Indian dinner. Then walked through the night market. All and all a nice relaxing, enjoyable day in a beautiful area.IMG_3479.jpgIMG_3392_2.jpg

Biggest AH HA about Cambodia~ they take American money. If your bill is $12.50 and you give them a $20, you will receive $7 American dollars back and the ‘change’ will be a few hundred of their bills, NO coins. Basically it is interchangeable. Interesting indeed.RCTB1190.JPG

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