My job allows me to visit a lot of Alaska on a yearly basis. I wanted to capture the trips in one location!

Nome, Alaska’s and a visit to NACTEC

on January 25, 2016

Jan. 13-15, 2016

January in Nome is a lot different than June J https://timistravels.wordpress.com/2015/08/07/council-alaska-and-the-last-train-to-nowhere/ but one thing that is similar is that it is bright and sunny regardless of how long the sun is in the sky. When I was in Nome in June the sunrise was at 4:40 a.m. and the sunset was at 1:20 a.m. for 20 hours of sunlight. In January the sun rose at 11:40 a.m. and set at 4:40 p.m. for 5 hours of sunlight.   The sunrises were absolutely beautiful as were the sunsets!IMG_2854IMG_7402IMG_2898IMG_2843IMG_2845IMG_2851IMG_2852

I like to take a few pictures of grocery store items just to give readers an idea how much items are in the places I visit.  Remember Nome is a ‘hub’ community so their prices are lower than the villages outside of here.

While in Nome this time I was privileged to tour the Northwest Alaska Career and Technical Center or NACTEC as it is known in the region. NACTEC is a joint venture between Bering Strait School District and Nome Public Schools. The focus of the center is vocational and life skill training for students of both districts. A major focus of the school is not only technical skills, but employability skills.

Students attend for 1, 2 or 4 week sessions. Students must apply to attend and travel to Nome for these programs. The students live on campus while they are in town and in there lies the life skills; meal prep, cleaning of common areas and rooms, laundry, time management and living with others. Many of these youth have not been out of their remote villages ever and most will be away from family for the first time.

Classes taught include:

  • Introduction to the Health Field
  • Emergency Trauma Technician
  • Health aid pre classes
  • Profession in the workplace
  • Native Arts and Business and Marketing
  • Business Entrepreneurship
  • Small Business Grant Writing
  • Facility Maintenance Introduction
  • Heavy equipment
  • Renewable energy
  • Welding
  • Arctic survival
  • Outdoor leadership/Guiding
  • Culinary Arts

Studies are indicating an increase in graduation rates that coincide with with the start of NACTEC being offered to village students.    It is a wonderful program.


2 responses to “Nome, Alaska’s and a visit to NACTEC

  1. Annette Bronkhorst (maiden Holmquist/ "Holmquist Feedmilll"/ Trenary, MI that my Grandfather built)! says:

    This definitely is a valuable program!! I have an MSW degree/ 15 yrs. experience, so I know quite a bit about quality programming. I am wondering about the minimum age requirement for attendance at this program? We have a son, now 12 yo who we have raised in Seward (not a Village per say,) however he has never been away from home either. The closest it came was a School Field Trip! Also, are there any scholarships that can be obtained? My husband and I have been Disabled now for many years. Any further info would be greatly appreciated!!!


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