My job allows me to visit a lot of Alaska on a yearly basis. I wanted to capture the trips in one location!

Stop into Consuegra to see the Windmills and castle

Our last car trip in Spain was driving from Granada to Madrid. Along this route is the town of Consuegra, about 40 miles from Toledo. It’s a small town that specifically grows saffron, we saw a tractor rolling down Main Street! Small town USA-like!

We followed the signs to the castle as the windmills are right beside it.
These windmills were made famous in the adventures of Don Quixote. We easily drove up the hill to the top an had breathtaking views of the farmland surrounding the town.

The only slow up was the farmer and his sheet crossing the road!


just above the town of Consuegra




farmer walking his sheep on the hillside, slowed our drive down a bit!

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