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Basilica de la Sagrada Familia

Dec 25, 2014

Basilica de la Sagrada Familia is the 2nd most visited site in Europe after the Eiffel Tower with about 3 million visitors a year. Gaudi spent 43 years working on this project and the “life” side was finished before he died. The rest has been, and continues to be, built from his vision and models. 75% is completed but the last 25% will be the most difficult.

There will be 10 more towers built and the main entry. They will need to tear down over 1000 apartments to finish the basilica. The goal is to complete it by 2026, which would mark the 100th anniversary of Gaudi’s death ( by accident, he was hit by a train 74 years old).

The side he finished which we entered through represents Life; Faith, Charity and Hope. Mary and Jesus are symbolized in the birth while there are the three wise men, Angels playing music, the star of Bethlehem. On the other side is the life of Jesus, this is sometimes called the “Bible in stone”.

At the base of the two main columns are turtles. One a sea turtle and the other a land one. This is because this Basilica is in the exact center of town 1/2 way between the water and the mountains.

Gaudi used nature as inspiration. He would say that he felt most near God when he was in the forest with giant trees and the sun filtering in through the trees. This is the feeling you get inside the church, the light flowing in through the stain glass is stunning and ever changing. It was just breathtaking.

Also inside are 52 pillars symbolic of the 52 Sunday’s a year. The balcony will hold up to 1200 choir members. Each of the windows have a name in the middle reflecting locations in the world with special sanctuaries.

The current exit side of the building reflects death, including the last supper and the burial. After Gaudi’s death another architect was brought into finish this facade. Ironically he was agnostic yet wanted to take on this challenge and insisted on living in the structure as Gaudi before him had done.

The side not built will be themed Glory, and those working on the completion continue to use the models Gaudi built and keep his vision in the forefront of all they do.

All in all stunning structure.







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