My job allows me to visit a lot of Alaska on a yearly basis. I wanted to capture the trips in one location!

Cordova again! I love this town!!!

on August 28, 2013

Aug. 20-24, 2013

this was my 5th trip to Cordova in the last 18 months. Image

I have been there with a LOT of snow.https://timistravels.wordpress.com/2012/01/16/cordova-alaska-during-snowpocyolypse-2012/, as well as last Aug.  The weather changes often.  While we were there this trip it was quite rainy, which helped for #1 sitting inside at meetings and #2 the sales at Copper River Fleece, a business that makes beautiful rain resistant jackets/vests.  Many of us on the committee spent lots of $ at that store!  It is hard to see the designs on the trims from these photo’s but they are what ‘make’ the jacket in my opinion.


Another favorite of Cordova are Pete’s Treats.  Pete is a fisherman, active community member, dad, husband and most amazingly, a truffle maker!  We got a behind the scenes tour of his shop and how he makes his truffles.

Many are berry flavor based, and he spends a lot of time out picking these berries.  It takes almost 4 gallons of berries to make these condensed containers of the berry flavor.  Image                     From these, about 1/4 C of these flavors go into each batch (4 dozen) of the truffles.  We had the opportunity to sample 4 berry flavors.  In these condensed versions they are a bit different tasting than you might think.  ImageImageImage

Pete then showed us the different chocolates that he uses for mixing with the berry’s and the outside of the truffles.  The higher the # on the chocolate= the higher the cocoa mass.  He said that many don’t feel that white chocolate is chocolate, but I sure think it tastes good!ImageImage

Pete then gave us the REAL TREAT, we each got a box to fill to take home.  The ones he had to share were not his typical sized one (bigger than a golf ball) but rather smaller ones, more bite size if you will.  He offered, blueberry, nangoon (a berry) and caramel/seasalt/jalapeno!  Here we are filling our boxes.ImageImageImage

Each truffle has a distinct marking on top that correlates with a flavor. That is how you can tell what kind you are buying/eating.  This list shows what the symbols are and what flavors Pete offers.  I personally love the blueberry and caramel/sea salt/jalapeno so I had a hard time choosing what to put into my box.  Image

Cordova is also known for a few other things including fishing!  Some of our group went up river one night and caught a few salmon!  Others opted to go eat dinner at Baja Taco’s a wonderful, eclectic food joint down by the harbor.   Yes, they prepare your food in the bus 🙂


All in all, I continue to find something exciting about Cordova each time I visit.

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