My job allows me to visit a lot of Alaska on a yearly basis. I wanted to capture the trips in one location!

Unalaska~ beauty on the Aleutian Chain of Alaska

on April 25, 2013

July 2010

Work has its perks and traveling to the beautiful community of Unalaska / Dutch Harbor in July of 2010. This is a ‘retro’ blog to add some of my experiences pre setting up the blog.  I took great notes on our tour there and want to capture them here and now!

  • the average winter temperature in Unalaska is 36 degrees, winter average 55 degrees.IMG_2471
  • the islands were formed by volcanosIMG_2388 IMG_2391 IMG_2392
  • artifacts have been found that are over 9000 years old
  •  in the old days there was thought that the decedents were from the tip of Russia and that they came across the ice, however, Through DNA it is known that there is a direct decent from the Aleuts.IMG_2411
  • During WWII there was an Army Base here called Fort Mears.
  • On June 3/4, 1942 the Japanese bombed the area with upwards of 10,000 military troops.  This was six months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the Japanese aircraft struck at U.S. Army and Navy bases on Amaknak Island.  The Japanese were surprised as the air was filled with anti-aircraft fire due to the fact that  3 weeks before the US had ‘broken the code’ and the bases were on high alert expecting something like this.  The Japanese did not find an airfield nor a carrier fleet at Dutch (as they had expected) the Japanese pilots turned to secondary targets, dropped their stuff on Margaret Bay Naval barracks, killing 25 servicemen.  In total there  were 42 military deaths and 1 civilian death.

    from the museum






    during our nightly hike

  • Along the mountain sides were jagged lines which were trenches dug by all troops “Umnak” Airstrip was laid in 9 days so that fighter planes could continue to come in and land there.
  • Hog Island was named this because in the mid 1700’s pigs were brought there during the fur trade times simply to eat.
  • there were no road before WWII
  • 40-50,000 troops were on the island before 1947
  • in 1805 a Russian Orthodox minister planed 3 Sitka Spruce on the island
  • 120 types of wildflowers bloom here annually.

crabbing gear

Now this area is known for it’s fish/crab processing.  It has the largest plant in Alaska as well as being the largest seafood plant in North America.  The Akutan facility sustains a year-round operations and on busy days processes over 3 million pounds of many species. Akutan’s precise daily production varies depending upon the season. There are a number of different seafoods that come from here: Alaska pollock, including frozen fillets, blocks, and surimi, as well as fishmeal and oil and halibut. The plant has  filleting capabilities and also produces both bulk and custom packs of Alaska king and snow crab. We got to have dinner at the plant, that is self-sufficient.  It has an amazing dining hall and dormitories for it’s 825 employees.   It was like college life all over again, except for the smell.


after the hike to the top


Eagle’s Nest, they will build anywhere!


Eagle talking to us!


Russian Orthodox Church

IMG_2462 IMG_2398

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  1. Tom Milan says:

    I am glad that you took the time to free up these memories from your archives.


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