My job allows me to visit a lot of Alaska on a yearly basis. I wanted to capture the trips in one location!

Hagia (Aya) Sophia

on February 11, 2013

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Jan. 1, 2013

Hagia (Aya) Sophia was originally built as an Orthodox basilica, then a Roman Catholic cathedral and later a mosque.  It has been a museum since 1935.IMG_2479IMG_2476

Visiting here is a must while in Istanbul.  There is so much beauty in the structure and the mosaic pieces of artwork that are masterful. At one time they were covered by plaster but have been uncovered for visitors to see.  IMG_2515 IMG_2527 IMG_2518 IMG_2517

It was built from 532 to 537 and has a very large dome at the front.   At the time it was the largest dome ever to be built and it is still studied today as it is considered such an architectural masterpiece.

It was the largest cathedral for 1000’s of years.  In 1453 it was converted to a mosque with the alter being removed and many of the mosaic decor  plastered over. Minarets were added as well as the minbar where prayers are delivered and mihrab an arch in the walls where Muslims face during prayer. IMG_2511 IMG_2509 IMG_2508 IMG_2506 IMG_2505 IMG_2503 IMG_2501 IMG_2499 IMG_2498  IMG_2496IMG_2497 IMG_2493  IMG_2491 IMG_2487IMG_2492

There was a huge earthquake    in 989 that caused one of the domes to crumble.   The repair took over 6 years but there was a lot of additional interior paintings and mosaics; Christ on the dome, the Virgin Mary holding Jesus with Peter and Paul on either side of her.


Hagia Sophia is closed on Monday!

IMG_9211 IMG_9220 IMG_2515 IMG_2535 IMG_2531 IMG_2525 IMG_2523

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  1. kathy grisinger says:

    Thank you for sharing your travels. We love the pictures. Me


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