My job allows me to visit a lot of Alaska on a yearly basis. I wanted to capture the trips in one location!

yummy food! crazy directions!

on January 22, 2013


The day was quite an adventure.  We realized after two nights of driving in the dark that our car had a burnt our headlight, and the company asked us to bring the car by to exchange it.  A 15 minute ordeal turned into a typical crazy adventure because there is NO signage or at least none that makes sense on Crete. 02015 All we needed to do was get to the airport in Chania, simple task right?  Wrong.  Of course we eventually made it but I was no fun to be with for about an hour!    At least we came upon a beautiful old church that we stopped to take a picture of.01961 01960

After we got the new car, which was a cool, very small, SmartCar like vehicle we headed to the olive oil farm that is outlined in the previous blog.  Once the tour ended we decided to head back to the “old town” of Chania to have dinner.01956

We walked around the old town for quite a while and enjoyed the Christmas decorations and the holiday feel that was evident in all the shops.   For my birthday my sweetie got me a beautiful aqua marine stoned ring after talking to the artist Andre for quite a while.  I love getting things right from the artists!  019520194902027

How we decided on the place we ate I am not sure, BUT it was fantastic. It’s called the “Green Eye.”  The owner was very social and talkative and we enjoyed the meal so much.  It was probably the best meal I had the entire trip.  It was a Moussaka that was individually made for me, after my order.


my mussaka and Harry’s pizza


complementary birthday dessert!


greek salads!

In the busy touristy months they make big casserole portions, but in the winter I had my own to order and boy was it good. 02022020223

The day ended on a terrible note as we hit a wrong button on the camera and lost 11 days of memories, HOWEVER, thanks to friends back home, once we returned, they were able to recover 95% of them… PHEW.

One response to “yummy food! crazy directions!

  1. kathy grisinger says:

    Rob is getting married on April 28 and we will be in Crete in June. How about that!!! I loved your posting. Hear from you soon. Loved the dessert!!


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