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Knossos, Crete; a tad bit disappointing but would still suggest the visit!

on January 23, 2013


On Crete the most popular or talked about ruins is the ancient city of Knossos.  We had read a lot about Knossos and though we had read about how a British archaeologist, Arthur Evans, found and attempted to restore the site in the early 1900’s we were not prepared for how poorly his work effected the site.  Because of his efforts, the ruins were somewhat ruined.  Sadly his attempt to ‘repair’ things to their original state ended really taking away from the structures and it is thought that many of his repairs were inaccurate.

Very disappointing.  145


Minoan pottery


and old stadium

Originally Knossos was inhabited in 7000 BC.  We really had to stop and think this place is OLD and wondered how can things be that old???  In the United States, things that are 250 to 300 years old it is OLD and in Alaska, where I live, 100 years old is old, so this area just took our breath away.


as soon as you enter, there are three large kouloures, large round pits and deep bottoms.


looking into a kouloures



Pithoi, or storage jars, at Knossos. Hard to believe how big they are

The people living here in 1375 BC  left marking the end of the end of the Minoan civilization.  The first palace to be built here was built around 1900 BC on top of the ruins from earlier people. It is thought that an earthquake took down this palace around 1700 BC but rebuilt quickly and again destroyed by an earthquake or volcano in 1450 BC.  However, many of the remains are still visible. 36   10366


The North Entrance

We spent a few hours here walking around and exploring.  As typical of our December visit to Crete we were two of about a dozen visitors on this day! 146

 Here is a photo of what the palace is thought to look like when it was in use.  Also a birds eye view as what it looks like today.

a birds eye view

a birds eye view

Palace Complex of Knossos

what the palace looked like when it was actively being used

3 responses to “Knossos, Crete; a tad bit disappointing but would still suggest the visit!

  1. kathy grisinger says:

    Great pics we will be in Crete this summer.!!!


  2. Kenneth G. Miller says:

    Ken Miller would like to use picture of Knossos reconstructed. Can you tell me who owns that image? Thanks


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