My job allows me to visit a lot of Alaska on a yearly basis. I wanted to capture the trips in one location!

20 Hours in Paris

on January 8, 2013

Dec. 13, 2012

When we found out we’d have a layover in Paris between the States and Athens, Greece we wanted to take advantage of it.  Clearing customs was absolutely a breeze, but it took our luggage almost 1 hour to get to us.  Finally we grabbed the airport shuttle to the Hilton where we would call home for the night!  We had 3 main goals on our list and we managed to do each of them!

1.  Notre Dame

2. The Arc de Triomphe

3. Eiffel Tower

Bought an all day/all city transportation pass.  I believe it was 21 Euro for the day, but well worth it.  Hopped on train and into city!  When we got off the train, it took us  a while to get our bearings, but once we did we were off!

Notre Dame is beautiful!  What more can be said?  Hopped on train and off to Arc.St. Paul Church, beautiful red door Notre Dame windows of ND

The Arc de Triomphe was built to honor the fallen soldiers from the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars.   Names are inscribed on many of the surfaces.  There is also the WWI tomb of the unknown soldier here.the Arc

Short hop on the train to the highlight of the night, the Eiffel Tower.  It had just turned 8:00 when our train pulled in and the Tower was doing it’s 5 minutes of twinkling.  So cool to see it for the first time with that happening.

We decided we HAD to go to the top, even though it was cold and sort of a gloomy night.  There were plenty of other folks up there with us, but there were not that many people that it was crowded.

We were on top for the 9:00 twinkle and after grabbing a quick bit for dinner, saw the 10:00 twinkle as we left on the train.first sighting of the tower 00384 00390 on top 00484 what a great night

Back to the room by 11:00 pm, exhausted and thrilled that we had this opportunity.

One response to “20 Hours in Paris

  1. terrie graat says:

    Wow! You guys know how to make the most of your time! Absolutely stunning! What an opportunity! We are headed to Mexico in February – getting my beach time in :)!


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